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Wisebirds choose their walls carefully!

Every time there is a birthday or similar celebration, my daughter cannot wait to make a cake for it. She will spend hours in the kitchen baking and decorating, producing beautiful, delicious things!

Personally, I cannot imagine anything worse! I have to cook everyday and I could learn to do it better, but I'm not interested - I don't enjoy it.

And it's a big truth in life that a lot of us are working at things that we don't really like. We're getting good at stuff but not enjoying it.

One way of looking at this is that the ladders we are climbing up are propped against a wall just because it can support us. But it's not really a wall we would choose, and it can be the reason that we don't feel fulfilled in life.

What would be your wall if you could choose? Is it the same as the wall you've got now?

And what's your dream in life? What's important to you about it? What would be a first step you could take towards making it a reality?

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