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What could thinking differently help you to achieve?

"Jo helped me talk through my thoughts and ideas that were jumbled up in my head and cut through to the important ones to get the clarity and direction I needed"

We are living in uncertain and unprecedented times, which are changing things for all of us in different ways – whether we are at school, university, working, parenting, approaching middle age or retirement.

But there is one way in which it has affected us all the same. 

It has made us slow down.

And in doing so it has presented us with an opportunity.

For stopping and reflecting is the first step towards making a positive change.

This might be learning how to adapt to the new norm. How to cope with it, make the best of it. You might be:

  • working from home 

  • juggling family around that home working

  • looking for new employment and careers

  • worrying/feeling anxious about a suddenly uncertain future

  • uncomfortable with the idea of socialising again

  • feeling overwhelmed on the frontline and coming home to a life that is not normal or relaxing


Equally,  you may be wanting to make time to address something about yourself that you have wanted to change for a while,  but have been stuck in doing anything about. This might include :

  • putting up with something  - like a lack of confidence, assertiveness or organisation skills, or a level of unhelpful anxiety 

  • not achieving something you want to do - like making your dream job a reality, getting fit or writing a book.

  • just knowing you want to change your life but not sure how

You have the answers to embrace your change. To unstick yourself. You're just not using them yet.

And I am here to help you find them.

To help you choose how you respond, focus on what you can control and take confident action.

Then you will fly your own path. You won’t look back.

What is it like to be coached?

"Jo has a very calming approach which is very effective for me as it made me feel more relaxed and allowed me to be more creative, but also struck the balance of challenging me if I was doubting my capabilities".

Who’s rooting for you in your life?

Who really listens to you without judging, or giving you their opinion?

Who gives you space to think? About what you want.


I will.


I’ll believe in you. And maybe challenge you.


We’ll get rid of the negative thoughts you’re telling yourself, the things that are holding you back. We’ll remember what you’re good at. Surprise you with things you discover about yourself. We’ll use those as a springboard for you finding your ideas. We’ll get you feeling resourceful. We’ll make a plan for action.

I will keep you on track – we often forget what we’ve said, but I won’t. I’ll remind you. And if you discover that what you really want has changed, it won’t matter.

But we’ll make sure it’s your goal and not something you are doing for someone else.

And if it’s feeling daunting, we’ll break it down. Tackle it step by step, flying your path, turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones, perhaps using your senses to help you if you're really stuck.

And we might laugh. Because life can get a bit too serious sometimes. And laughter helps the weight lift. Helps us address the things we are afraid of.


But we’ll definitely get you where you want to be – wherever that turns out to be!

Remember - Coaching is not counselling or therapy. Although I will be listening, I won’t be giving you advice. I will be asking you questions to help you find the answers - so contact me if you are ready to do this and take action!


Workshops - If there is a topic you and your friends would like me to help you address, I conduct workshops at home and in the workplace.


"I didn’t think I could change my mental attitude but I did"

Follow some wisebird paths


Finding new ways to manage time effectively 


My client was trying to use the strategies they used during their work life to organise their time at home during retirement. These were not working and they were feeling overwhelmed and anxious. 


Coaching enabled them to look at new ways of managing their time so they could make the best of this new phase in their life.


“The coaching I had with Jo proved very successful. She helped set goals and I can honestly say that keeping to them has transformed the day to day running of my life. I found Jo very professional and enjoyed my sessions with her very much indeed.”


Addressing your fears


My client had not been in touch with their father for many years. One of the things holding them back was that they were afraid that everything would be the same as it was before. 


Coaching helped my client voice their fears and work out strategies to counter them, should they arise, leaving them on the front foot, not the back foot of the situation, empowered and in control. The key was to change themselves, not their father, which is key to addressing any relationship.


“Jo managed to get me to look at major decisions I was stuck on in my life in a different way, which enabled me to take positive, decisive action"


Making a career change


My client had been looking for a new job for 6 months without even securing an interview. 


Coaching raised their awareness that the industry they had worked in for 10 years was suppressing their natural abilities and holding them back. Within a few weeks they had found a job in a new sector that gave them the interest and financial security they were looking for.


“I was very concerned at my lack of success. After some coaching sessions, I identified what I wanted, an action plan, and achieved it... Jo helped me talk through my thoughts and ideas that were jumbled up in my head and cut through to the important ones to get the clarity and direction I needed.”


Working out the cause of your anxiety


This client was feeling unsettled and unhappy and didn’t really know why. 


Coaching helped them see they were putting off tasks because they were large and unmanageable. They immediately achieved one of the tasks and in the process discovered new ways of prioritising and getting things done.


“Jo’s sessions really helped me tackle a major project, achieve personal deadlines and look at different ways of tackling daily tasks. I’ve been able to divide a project into smaller tasks, making it more achievable, and allocating more realistic timescales. I have notes to remind me of what we discussed and am more aware of how I am behaving.

be a wisebird...









If you are ready to make time for yourself - to make a  change -  contact me now to arrange a free introductory call and see if coaching is right for you. 

I work face to face in Cambridge, London, East Anglia. I work further afield and internationally by phone, zoom, facetime.

All one to one sessions are strictly confidential.

Thanks! Message sent.

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