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Anything is possible!

In another silver lining of these extraordinary times, I have been on a bit of a journey, painting along with thousands of talented artists as Sky Arts Portrait Artist moved to an online weekly paint-a-thon.

I have been a fan of the programme for a long time and it made me very curious as to how on earth you find a likeness. So, a few years ago, not having drawn since my school days, I went along to an evening class and learnt the secret, which is: paint what you see, not what you think you see!

I was astonished at how quickly, once I had been shown how, I could find a likeness in my sketching.

And this proves a very important point: if someone can do something, you can do it too, whether it be in work, your studies, or your hobbies. You just need to identify and learn the skills that are required.

How good you get at them will depend on your own hard work - and that's a choice and really up to you.

So - in these times when your situation may have changed, and where some things might be feeling impossible, what skills could you learn to help you get what you really want?

Because remember: anything is possible once you know how.

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