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Choose how you respond

I came across this picture and it struck me as funny, as the trees looked like 3 birds with green shaggy wings!

I was surprised when I showed it to my family that they had very different ideas - seeing ladies in tassled hats, advancing alien troopers and grass lollipops instead!

It's a timely reminder that we all see things in a different way. And that understanding the perspectives of others continues to be really important in our extraordinary global situation.

People are in a very different place right now. There's not a single person who hasn't been affected by the pandemic in some way. Even the most optimistic and resourceful among us are showing signs of it taking its toll.

And although there are countries which are beginning to ease restrictions, being so close and yet so far from “normality” can make it all seem harder somehow.

So next time the tension bubbles to the surface -someone is rude to you or starts a row; someone is messy; someone doesn't complete their work - take a moment to put yourself in their shoes. Try taking a step back from anger, frustration or annoyance.

Consider how that person may be:

Sad because of loss;

Exhausted from trying to carry on at home without a change of scene and people;

Finding it hard to let go mentally of what they've missed out on over this past year;

Worried about socialising again;

Fretting about what the future holds for their employment or education.

And consider how you becoming upset with them, or wanting to win the argument, impacts on both of you - and also those around you. Ask yourself if that emotion is what you really want right now, and if it's helpful at this time.

Or do you choose to change it? Because although it may not always be easy, we do always have a choice.

In these challenging times, we're all doing our best. See if you can acknowledge this by choosing kindness, understanding, harmony, acceptance.

Remember those shaggy wings, and notice the difference it makes!

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