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Fake News Part 2!

We've all been advised in these times how important exercise and getting outside is to our wellbeing.

The mental side of this is really being brought home to me as the weeks go on. The more we retreat into our own worlds, in our home, the easier it is to feel overwhelmed, doubt ourselves and start telling ourselves fake news.

It's something I've noticed in clients who suffer from burnout, and who come to me with issues of anxiety and confidence loss. Often it is their routines and resulting exhaustion which has caused them to start telling themselves stories which aren't true. They are unaware that their lack of exercise and downtime is at the root of the new beliefs they have developed.

I'm noticing it in myself if I keep working at home and haven't had a break, so I'm really trying to listen to what my body is telling me, to stop, get fresh air, get on my bike - I'm cycling further than usual and really feeling the benefits.

It's a new habit I intend to keep when all this is over.

What new helpful habits have you developed during this time?

And how will you make sure you keep them?

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