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Get motivated!

It's the end of the winter and as the spring comes onto the horizon, I'm finding myself in a familiar situation: the sun's out, it's getting warmer - why am I so tired and unmotivated?!

Of course, the answer is that we are emerging from those long hard cold months, where we have just had to keep going. We can find that the warm sun makes us want to slow down and relax, rather than continuing to plug away at our commitments - in work, school or generally in life.

To help you get motivated and really harness the new wonderful energy the spring days bring, remember you can always choose how you want to feel by telling yourself the right stories.

If we get up telling ourselves today will be rubbish; I'm tired; I can't do my exercises...then that's how our day will go. Our stories become self fulfilling prophecies Give yourself the best chance of getting what you want by catching your self talk and changing it. Bounce out of bed and say today's going to be great; tell yourself that you are full of energy; that you CAN be organised; CAN finish that contract/assignment; eat how you want to; and get to that exercise class.

Use your language to motivate yourself and harness the new spring energy! And notice the difference it makes.

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