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Wisebirds use the power of laughter

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

My daughter was thinking about getting her hair cut short this week, and as we discussed the pros and cons I pointed out that if she did, she wouldn't be able to create the effect in this photo - she laughed heartily out loud. I was pleased to see her do this as she is currently working on important exams, university applications, and grappling with continued covid uncertainty at school. Laughter changes our state and makes things seem better and more possible than before. Although it can sometimes seem inappropriate, it's a simple trick that can give us power. My daughter pottered off chuckling, ready to tackle her next round of revision with a new energy. It's been Children's Mental Health Week here in the UK, when we shine a light on ways that we can support young people to grow and thrive in this increasingly challenging world. As a start, try encouraging the young people around you to lift themselves out of the serious - to remember it's OK to smile and laugh. And notice the difference it makes.

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