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Wisebirds are surprised...

Updated: Jun 20

For many people, life coaching is a mystery, they don't know what to expect from it.

As the academic year draws to a close, I asked some of the students I have been working with to feed back what surprised them about their coaching with me. Here's what they said:

I was surprised that I felt like I still learnt so much even though Jo wasn't really telling me what I should do or what I was feeling

I was surprised by just how effective it was! I will admit to signing up with the attitude of "why not?" but found it incredibly valuable.

I didn't think one person could help you so much. She made me realise that I can't change how people act, just how I react!

The usefulness of visualising and simulating feelings into colours and actually feeling 'blue' etc

How much it helped, I will try anything to help but I was very surprised at just how useful it actually was

I was very surprised by how much more grounded I feel after only a few sessions. I think it helped bring me back to myself, remind me of some of my values and find a stronger sense of identity.

The multi-sensory approach was a pleasant surprise. Associating challenges and solutions with different sensory elements was innovative and effective.

How useful it could be if you had particular issues you were hoping to resolve.

The visualisation was a surprisingly effective technique that I continued to use long after the session.

It was mostly my own work that got me through 

How relaxed it was - I felt put at ease when talking about personal issues.

I was surprised that some of the techniques actually worked. I went in with an open mind but a large amount of skeptism as to the effectiveness of the strategies. I was surprised that some of the techniques that felt a bit naff or cringey actually helped 

All the wacky bits - how attributing colours and shapes to our negative and positive feelings can help us regain control.

How personalised it was and how relaxed and comfortable Jo made me feel.

If you are feeling stuck and curious, consider how coaching might surprise you too...

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