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Let your confidence grow

If I'm honest, I haven't really been painting in the online classes I've been following - I've been sketching in charcoal. And I'd become aware that what was holding me back from using paint was a lack of confidence, a fear of the unknown - because I'd never done it, and I didn't know if I could.

In the end I realised it was asking too much for me to just sit down and use the brushes. In order to have the confidence to try, I needed to do it gradually, to be prepared. So this week, I broke the process down, and edged towards painting bit by bit.

On day 1 I thought about the paper I would use and got out some paints; on day 2 I watched a you tube video on how to mix face colours; on day 3 I sketched the face outline - until finally on day 4 I felt I could apply paint to paper.

Now, I did learn some quite practical and amusingly obvious things during the process: I need better quality paper that doesn't wrinkle the more paint you put on it; I need a bigger selection of paints to make better face colours (and avoid the rhubarb and custard effect); I finally understand the role of an easel (because when you lean on wet paint it smudges...)

But more importantly, as soon as I started to apply colours to create light and shade, I could see how it worked, that I could do it- and I was hooked! My confidence soared.

Life can be boring in the comfort zone, and if we have the courage to put even a toe outside, we grow in confidence and as a person. Because once we DO something, we take the fear and uncertainty away. And as long as we do it in manageable steps - as long as we are prepared - we stay in control and can enjoy it

These new times might require us to find the confidence to try new things.

What are you putting off because you don't know if you can?

Think about breaking it down into smaller actions and notice the difference it makes. Feel your confidence grow as you achieve each step.

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