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Making a New Year’s resolution?? How will you stick to it?!

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

It’s the start of a new decade, and that time where we cast our minds forward and think about how we might do things differently next year .It might be something you want to do ( change your job, tidy the cupboards, try a new hobby, lose weight) or some element of yourself that you want to change (be more confident, organised, on time).

How often have you made a resolution and never actually carried it out? You are not alone. And one of the main reasons we let ourselves down is that we don’t put a date on it.

If for example you say to yourself “ in 2020, I’m going to start running (or insert whatever you want to happen here)”, then ask yourself the question:


There are 365 days in 2020. If you allow yourself 365 days, you may well take it – and never start.

Pin yourself down. Commit to the day you will begin, the times you will run. Make a plan. Make it happen. And notice the difference.

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