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Sing like a wisebird!

You may not be aware of it, but your language determines your experience of the world. So, if you say "today's going to be rubbish" - it probably will.

Note the difference if you say to yourself "today's going to be great." It sets you up with a feel good factor.

If I ask the people around me how they are feeling at the moment, they invariably tell me they're "not too bad" or "NTB". This is focussing their unconscious minds on the negative, and without them knowing it, colouring their approach to their day.

Now, more than ever, if we can watch our language, and catch what we are saying to ourselves, we can choose how we get through this extraordinary time.

We are all working around each other as families at home - parents are trying to perform in their jobs, young people are doing their best without their friends and learning remotely away from the day to day support of their school teachers and university or college tutors.

Make a joint resolution to help each other talk yourselves into a better day. Give each other permission to point out each other's negative chat, so that you all raise your awareness of what you are saying generally. The more you spot the negativity,  the easier it is to make a change.

Give it a go. Turn an unhelpful habit into a resourceful one. Sing like a wisebird!

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