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Wisebirds are aware of their signals

Looking at the raindrops crashing into puddles this week (!) made me think of the ripple effect our actions can have on those around us.

This is something good to be mindful of as we continue to spend more time than usual in our homes with each other.

50% of our communication is through our bodies, so whilst we might be trying to be careful of what we say, our behaviour might be giving off unhelpful signals without us realising.

There's a sort of cycle that goes on where our body language affects how we behave (are we smiling or frowning?) which in turn affects the attitude of those in our house (they interpret what they see in us and smile or frown back) which in turn affects how you then feel about them (you smile or frown at them accordingly).

So if you can become aware of what you are displaying on the outside, you can lay positive foundations for the overall mood in your house - including your own!

It's such a simple thing, but it has a really powerful effect. Try smiling to yourself right now -and notice the difference it makes!!

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