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Wisebirds create their own feel goods!

I ran out of time to join in with my online paint along class as it happened last week and at the end of the day, couldn't work out why.

I felt disappointed with myself, so I listed the things that had kept me so busy all day - and realised I had actually achieved a lot that I wanted to do instead.

So then I felt pleased and made time for my drawing from a screenshot during the week.

This is something we often do - we spend more time thinking about what we haven't done that what we have. And this impacts how we feel about ourselves, our confidence and our self esteem. One way to counter this is to create an empowerment diary - book or place of positivity, where we write down what we have achieved in a day. It's similar to a gratitude diary which I've talked about before, but focuses solely on what we ourselves have done and has gone well for us. Try getting your brain into the habit of congratulating yourself- and notice the difference it makes!

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