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Wisebirds do just one thing...

There's a lot on our minds right now, a lot of negativity which can be very distracting.

Is it getting in the way of you moving forward with your life? Your work, your studies, your creativity, your friendships? Do you find yourself procrastinating?

Here's a tip to get you started.

Each night, pick 3 things you will do tomorrow. Maybe you already make a list like this - but you don't get the stuff done!

Here's the difference

Choose one of those things and make it the FIRST thing you do tomorrow morning.

It might be before your shower, your breakfast, your lecture, your dog walk...

It doesn't matter exactly when. Just commit to doing it.

Make it achievable and realistic, so you know it can happen.

And when you've done it notice the difference it makes. Because the act of achieving something gives us a feel good factor that lasts. It makes us want more of the same and sets us up for a day where we do things.

It also removes that waste of mental energy debating whether we should or shouldn't do it, and whether it will be hard or easy - and if we shatter the latter illusion, other stuff might seem easier too.

Notice how good it feels to achieve that one task - and what else it makes possible.

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