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Wisebirds hone their environment

Another silver lining from this time has been the peacefulness of our surroundings without the bustle of people and traffic around us. But when I was out on a road that would usually be horribly busy the other day, I realised that it wasn't the lack of cars and their noise that was making the space more agreeable for me - it was the lack of fumes.

Now, the benefits to the environment of this time of pause is something of course which we have all been grateful for as the planet takes a rest.

But for me, being able to smell the clean air on the roads brought home another message too. Because it reminded me of how important fresh air is to my state and how I function. It has a big impact on my ability to work. If a room isn't ventilated I quickly stop concentrating and don't operate at my best. I find large stuffy conference rooms unproductive. Even in winter, the windows are open in my house.

As we all carry on working and staying at home in unusual circumstances, take a minute to reflect on your environment. What about it could you change to improve it for yourself? It might be the air, the light, the noise, the clutter, the location of your work space - even the room itself where you are working or spending time.

See if you can make a small change, and notice the new energy it brings and the difference it makes.

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