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Wisebirds name the date...

It's a new year, a traditional time for resolutions and promises to ourselves about what we will achieve in the months to come.

As long as we focus on what we can control, we can still make plans in these challenging and uncertain times.

And looking forward to the things we want is a great way to take ourselves out of present worries and into the brighter future that is coming.

There may be something you want to do as early as next week ; or you may have a longer term project to plan; or a dream you want to make a reality this year.

Maybe a priority for you is a finding a strategy to stay calm and manage your state through the coming months.

Whatever it is that you want, think about the resolutions you have made in the often have you never actually carried them out?

You are not alone. And one of the main reasons we let ourselves down is that we don’t put a date on it.

If for example you are saying to yourself “ in 2021, I’m going to start yoga" (or insert whatever you want to happen here), ask yourself the question:


There are 365 days in 2021. If you allow yourself 365 days, you may well take it – and never start.

Pin yourself down. Commit to the day you will begin your yoga...the day you will set up your website...the first time you will call that friend you haven't been speaking to. Make a plan. Commit to a timeframe. And notice the difference it makes. Happy New Year!

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