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Your body language accounts for over 50% of your communication - not only to others, but to yourself. This means that if you can hold your body in a way that presupposes excellence, your thinking and actions are likely to follow the same route.

So if you want to feel empowered to get on with your work, nail that presentation, get that job or placement, changing your body posture can have a big impact on your confidence and success.

So, as you start on something today, try...

Sitting taller in your chair

Lifting your head

Pulling your shoulders back

Standing up straight, maybe with your hands on your hips, or flexing your muscles - like the movie stars and idols from your youth!

It's OK for it to be funny!

And in fact, it's really important to...SMILE!!

Especially to ourselves!

It might feel awkward, but smiling produces serotonin, a neurotransmitter that automatically creates feelings of happiness and wellbeing. It's such a simple trick that we so rarely use.

Start noticing how you are allowing your body to talk to you.

Make a change and see what it makes possible.

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