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Wisebirds question fake news!

In a spur of the moment bid to avoid any waste in our stay-at -home situation, I ate an abandoned kiwi fruit the other day.

Now this is something I haven't done for many years, as I don't like the texture or taste - or so I thought.

In actual fact, the kiwi fruit was delicious and I really enjoyed it. And I can't understand why I had persuaded myself I didn't like them all this time!

Stories that we tell ourselves can mean we miss out on all sorts of things - not just experiences of food or sport or entertainment, but opportunities and new adventures.

Take a minute to assess the things you don't like, or feel that you are not good at. Then ask yourself how old the information is that causes you to believe that. When was the last time you tried?

Over time not only do we we change, but our memory, and repeated self talk, clouds our perceptions of the truth, and we can end up believing fake news about ourselves.

And that can hold us back, stopping us getting what we want.

So, in this extraordinary time, where we may need to dig deep to look for new ideas and ways of living and earning, what would you like to revisit about yourself that might open up new possibilities and help you believe in yourself?

Look for the evidence that you can rather than you can't - that you do rather than you don't - and see what difference that makes.

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