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Wisebirds see other points of view

It can be so comforting in these times when nature reassures us with its regularity. On a family bike ride last week, we came across some fantastic wysteria, blossoming as usual in May in all it's aromatic glory.

What was not usual was it's extraordinary shape! We had several discussions on what it looked like, with responses ranging from a Scottie dog to an elf hat and a monster! There was much frowning over each other's answers until gradually the way someone was seeing things came into everyone else's point of view.

And understanding the perspectives of others can be really helpful at this time when we continue to live in such close quarters with the same people every day - it can be challenging, no matter how much we care about them.

If you're struggling to get along with someone right now, try putting yourself in their shoes. Take a moment to see if you can appreciate what they're thinking and feeling. You don't have to agree with it, just acknowledge it. Acknowledge that we are all different in how we think and behave.

See if that can help how you respond in situations, if it can help you take a step back from anger, frustration, annoyance...from the need to win an argument!

And if you are able to catch that emotion, see if you can change it to one of harmony and acceptance instead.

Notice the difference it makes - to you and those around you

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