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Make a wise move

How can coaching help young people?

“Jo is patient, positive, supportive, supportive and warm. She did not tell me what to do but facilitated me thinking what was needed. Knowing I had the answers gave me confidence in acting on them”

"I realised it's easy to achieve my goals, I'm the only one stopping me."

Coaching is a series of one to one conversations which give you the opportunity to stop and focus on yourself and your future in a really positive way - a chance to talk and be listened to, with a view to working out what you want and how you are going to get it in a way that works for you. It can be very powerful, as long as you are ready to take action.


It may be that you have something specific that you wish to achieve, and that you are putting off...

...from getting down to work, to making career choices, and resolving friendship, family or relationship issues. 


Or you may wish to change something about yourself that you know is holding you back...

...such as lack of confidence, time management skills, wellbeing worries - anxiety about any area of your life. 


Alternatively, you may not know what you want, you may just be ready to change and improve in some way, and coaching can help you work out what that might be. 

It helps you find out what's important to you, identify your ambitions and goals, what motivates you and what you need to change to bring about success (whatever that means for you). It helps you believe in yourself and make your own decisions. 

Coaching allows you to work with the knowledge you already have, and doesn’t give you any more advice to overwhelm you. It asks you questions so that you find the answers for yourself, assuming that you are the expert in your own life, because you are. And if you're feeling really stuck, we can use your senses to find the answer for you!

How coaching can help during these challenging, uncertain times


Whether you are at school/university, or early in your career following your education, coaching can help you to: 

Feel calm about the future

Stay motivated and on track

Address any elements of yourself you would like to work on

Create and preserve space for yourself 

Create a routine that works for you you

Identify helpful people you want to talk to and learn from

Gain inspiration to keep positive and make the most of this time

Find new strengths and opportunities

Focus on the now 

Believe in yourself

Be resourceful

Do yourself justice

All one to one sessions are strictly confidential and can be conducted by telephone or online, whichever way you are most comfortable.
If you know you are stuck and there is something you would like to work on, don’t wait. The longer you wait, the harder it is to change. Make a wise move. Take the initiative, find your own answers and go forward.


“I really appreciated the mind maps and grids Jo drew with me each week because they helped me understand my issues and possible solutions and also gave me something to refer back to in the future”

Some student stories


Achieve balance 


This student was working long hours to get everything done, was getting no sleep and didn’t have time for their hobbies.


Coaching helped make them aware of inefficient work habits and unhelpful self talk which they were able to change and improve their life dramatically.


Be happy being you


This student was unhappy at school because they felt didn’t fit in.


Coaching helped them remember what they were good at, work out what was important to them and how they could stick to those principles and be happy as they are.


Find your motivation


This student was lacking motivation and finding it hard to get down to work.


Coaching helped them to understand what motivated them in other areas of their life and how they could apply it to their work.


Improve your friendships


This student was unhappy in a friendship because of the way they were being treated.


Coaching helped them see that their own behaviour wasn’t helping the situation and find ways of changing their response to their friend in order to be happier in themselves and perhaps improve the friendship too.

be a wisebird...









You can contact me directly or

speak to a parent/guardian who can contact me on your behalf or

if referred by a school/college or university, contact them to arrange a session in the first instance.

I work face to face in Cambridge, London, East Anglia. I work further afield and internationally by phone, skype, facetime.

All sessions are strictly confidential.

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