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Wisebirds learn from the best

It always surprises me the number of people who launch themselves into initiatives where they will have to make videos and online resources, and then pull up short because they hate the sound of their own voice or are uncomfortable with their mannerisms. These feelings either form a barrier against the project happening, or people live in a permanent state of discomfort at their on screen presence. What they are overlooking is how easy it is to improve our performance. I have never yet found a client who, when I ask them 'who do you know who's good at this?' is unable to think of someone who they think is great at on screen delivery. And all they have to do is do the same! And this applies to anything you want to do in life. Watch and learn from the best, and create your own style based on it. Just because you can't do something now, doesn't mean you won't very soon.

Do as your role models do and see how easy it becomes!

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